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Products   >  Power Control   >  SimPal-D410 4G Gate Opener
Product Name:
SimPal-D410 4G Gate Opener
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SimPal-D410 4G LTE Gate Opener is a remote-control device use for open electricity door or gates. It can simple replace your gate/door opener button and open your door with free phone calling. Two 16A latching relay can be use to control two lines signal. 

Cable temperature sensor included for temperature monitor, thermostat control etc functions.  


Compact design and DIY installation. Good choice for electricity gate opener, heater controller, industrial power control etc.

Main Features:

1. 4G LTE network: it use industrial 4G module, can be working in 2G/4G network. Free calling to open the gates.


2. Two lines signal control: two 16A big power relay inside to control two lines signal. Only one SIM card to control two lines signal.


3. Temperature sensor included for each device, use for temperature monitor or thermostat control when connected electricity heater on this device.


4. Power failure alarm: automatic send SMS when power lost or power restore.


5. Intruder alarm: one wired sensor support (Wired sensor need to buy separately), when sensor trigger, send SMS alarm.


6. Big quantity number support: max store 200 users to control the device.


Working principle:

Each relay has three terminals: COM, NO and NC, middle COM terminal will connect NO or NC terminal. When SMS reply power ON,  COM terminal connect with NO terminal and disconnect with NC terminal; when SMS reply power OFF, COM terminal connect with NC terminal and disconnect with NO terminal.


Use to open door: When user press button to open door, its make button two lines connect 1-2 seconds, then disconnect. It can connect two lines to COM and NO terminal, calling the device, it will connect COM and NO terminal for 3 seconds; then its like you press the button and open the door.


Use to control power:  It can connect 220V Fire lines input onto Line-1 NO terminal; connect 220V Zero line input onto Line-2 NO terminal; connect output onto Line-1 and Line-2 COM terminal. Then it can send SMS to turn on/off power; also can set thermostat control to make power auto on/off according temperature settings.

Technical Specification:

Product Size

113×72×30 mm

4G frequency

Cat1 LTE FDD: B1, B3, B5, B7 ,B8 ,B20

            LTE TDD: B40

               2G support.

Power input

12V DC 1A

Relay control

SMS or phone calling

Relay type

16A Latching relay 2pcs

Max loading

16A 3500W

SIM card

PUSH SIM slot, Normal Size SIM 1.8V/3.0V socket


Three blue LED,   GSM indicator/Line1 output/Line2 output

Temperature sensor

DS18B20,  -30—100 degree

Wired sensor type

NO/NC trigger (no power input)

Standby power consumption

20 mA

Operating temperature