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Products   >  Power Control   >  SimPal-W230 WiFi Thermostat
Product Name:
SimPal-W230 WiFi Thermostat
No. :

SimPal-W230 WiFi Thermostat Socket can be remotely turn on/off the power output on mobile phone APP. Temperature sensor included on the plug, real-time display temperature on APP, send message or email when temperature out of setting range. Connect electricity heater onto this socket for thermostat control. 

Work with wireless sensor, report message on APP when door open or detect human motion.

Good choice for your home heater thermostat control and temperature monitor. Widely use to remote control power, monitor temperature and intruder alarm. 

W230 Kit2.jpg

Main Features: 

Remotely on/off power: connect with WiFi network, remote turn on/off power on APP.

Real-time temperature display: dispaly room real-time temperature on APP, send message or email when temperature out of setting range.

Work as thermostat: connected with electric heater, it can make it work as thermostat. When temperature high, auto turn off power, when temperature drop down, auto turn on power. Easy to set temperature range on APP.

Schedule control: five group schedule control, easy set socket auto turn on/off according your schedule.

Intruder alarm: work with wireless door sensor, PIR detector etc, report message on APP when sensor trigger.

(﹡Only W230-F model support intruder alarm)

Technical Specification:

Product size: 125*60*80mm

WiFi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n

Plug and sockt type: Schuco, French, UK, US

Power input:  AC 110~230V

Temperature sensor range: -10℃~50℃

Indicator: Power output and wireless signal in Blue

Max power loading: 16A/3500W

Standby relay OFF power consumption: 20mA

Working power consumption: 50mA

Packing content:

W230 WiFi Plug: 1 PCS

Temperature sensor: 1 PCS

User Manual: 1 PCS

WDS-051-F Door sensor: Optional

WRC-047-F Remote control: Optional