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Products   >  Accessories   >  WSD-049-F V2 Smoke Detector
Product Name:
WSD-049-F V2 Smoke Detector
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This product is a battery operated photoelectric smoke detector, adopting unique structure design and advanced photoelectric sensor technology, able to monitor and detect smoke particles in real time. Especially detects visible particles (associated with smoldering fire) sooner than ionization smoke detectors. Once smoke particles or a fire danger is detected, this alarm will chirp and the red LED will flash rapidly to alert you and your family timely.


This product special design to work as accessory of SimPal series 4G/WiFi products. It can be paired with SimPal-T40-V2, T420-V2, S260-F, S460, WS250, WS420 etc products. It will send messages to your mobile phone once detect smoke.


This alarm has dustproof, mothproof and anti- light interference etc. functions, ensuring stability from design basis and suitable for early warning and protection of fires in houses, factories, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings,schoolbuildings,banks,librariesand warehouses etc. indoor places.

Technical Specification

◆Power supply: DC 2*1.5V AA(1 year life)

◆Standby current:≤15uA

◆Alarm current: ≤45mA

◆Alarm sound: ≥85dB (3m)

◆Sensor type: Photoelectric

◆Low battery warning: <2.6V

Wireless frequency: 434Mhz FSK