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Products   >  4G Power Control   >  SimPal-S260 GSM Socket
Product Name:
SimPal-S260 GSM Socket
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SimPal-S260-F GSM power socket is a simple and powerful device to remote control the power to the electrical appliances at home via SMS or app in mobile. The socket can monitor the working status of electrical appliances plug onto this socket. When the power loading changes, it will send SMS alarm. It also functions as an alarm during a power failure or temperature deviations. Switching on or off the current can be controlled according to a schedule or with a thermostat function.

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SimPal-S260-F can be connect 4pcs slave socket SimPal-S20 or SimPal-T20-V2, only one SIM card to control up to 5pcs power socket. Connect 6pcs wireless sensor for intruder alarm function.


Use for home power remote control, electrical appliances power loading monitor, temperature monitor and power failure alarm etc. Can be use to control home heating device, router reboot, electricity application control etc.

Main Features:                                           

Turn on/off power remotely

Working on GSM network, can be easy remote turn on/off socket power by send SMS on your mobile phone.


 Monitor electrical appliance power loading

When connected electrical appliances power loading change, it will auto send SMS to users mobile phone. Daily/Weekly/Monthly report power consumption


Connect slave socket and wireless sensor

It can connect 4pcs slave socket, each socket can be set auto control or temperature alarm separately. Connect 6pcs wireless sensor and 2pcs remote control for intruder alarm.


SMS alert of power failure

SMS alert to your mobile phone when 230V power failure or restore.


Work as thermostat

Connected with electric heater, it can make it work as thermostat. When temperature high, auto turn off power, when temperature drop down, auto turn on power. Easy to set temperature range by SMS command.


Temperature monitor

Temperature sensor included on each socket, SMS alert to your mobile phone once the temperature out of setting range.


Worldwide socket types 

Germany, France, Australia, American and British socket plug available.

Technical Specification:                                                        

Product size

125*60*80 mm EU plug)

GSM Frequency

900/1800 Mhz

SIM card slot

Standard SIM card 15×25mm

Plug and Socket type

Germany, French, UK, US available

Power input

AC 110~250V

Temperature sensor range



Power output and wireless signal in Blue

RF frequency

434Mhz FSK dual-ways communication

Wireless accessories

4pcs slave socket SimPal-S20 or SimPal-T20-V2

6pcs wireless sensor and 2pcs remote control.

Max power loading

16A or 3500W

Standby relay ON power consumption

12mA 12V

Power meter range

0-3500W  5% accuracy