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Products   >  4G Power Control   >  SimPal-T40-V2 GSM Socket
Product Name:
SimPal-T40-V2 GSM Socket
No. :

SimPal-T40-V2 GSM socket is one of simple remote power control system, control up to 5 sockets with only one SIM card. Turn on/off each socket power output by sending SMS from your mobile phone. Each socket come with temperature sensor, it will report temperature changes and automatically turn on/off power according temperature settings.


Good choice for your home power remote control, temperature monitor and thermostat control. Widely use to control home electricity heater, router reboot, electricity application control etc. 

Main Features: 

Remote control power on/off: Work with GSM SIM card, no need WIFI or internet, use APP or send SMS to turn ON/OFF socket power. iOS and Android APP help to configure the socket in your Smartphone.


Power failure alarm: Send SMS to your mobile phone when 230V power lost or power restore.


Temperature alarm and thermostat control: It will send SMS when temperature out or back setting range. Work as thermostat, auto on/off power according temperature value.


Schedule control: Set power auto on/off according your schedule. Also support auto turn on/off power after few minutes.


Connect wireless sensor: Max connect 6pcs wireless sensor, send SMS when sensor trigger. Water leakage detector, door sensor and PIR human motion detector available.

Technical Specification

Product size

125*60*80 mm EU plug)

Wireless Frequency

GSM + 434Mhz FSK

SIM card slot

Standard SIM card 15×25mm

Plug and Socket type

Germany, French, UK, US available

Power input

AC 110~230V

Temperature sensor range



Power output and wireless signal in Blue

Max power loading

16A or 3600W

Slave socket working distance

30-40 meters

Standby relay OFF power consumption


Standby relay ON power consumption