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Products   >  4G Power Control   >  SimPal-W220 WiFi Socket
Product Name:
SimPal-W220 WiFi Socket
No. :

SimPal-W220 WiFi Thermostat Socket, come with temperature sensor, real-time display temperature on APP, send message or email when temperature out of setting range. Auto turn on/off power according temperature setting.


Support power monitoring, it will send message or email when power load change. Check daily/ monthly power consumption on APP.


Use to monitor your home electrical appliances working status, monitoring home temperature and thermostat control for heater.

Main Features:

Remotely on/off power: connect with WiFi network, remote turn on/off power on APP.


Real-time temperature display: know the environment real-time temperature on APP.


Work as thermostat: Thermostat control to work with electricity heater. When temperature high, auto turn off power, when temperature drop down, auto turn on power.


Power Monitoring: Real time monitoring connected device power load, when power load change, it will send message or send email alarm.

Technical Specification:



Product size

120*60*40 mm EU plug)

WiFi protocol

802.11 b/g/n  2.4G only

Plug and Socket type

Germany, French, UK, US available

Power input

AC 110~230V

Temperature sensor range



Power output and wireless signal in Blue

Max power loading


Standby power consumption


Power Monitoring range


Support wireless sensor

No support

Thermostat control



Optional accessories: 


  DTS-002 Temp sensor