SimPal-T40S Smart Home Control

SimPal-T40S is simple DIY smart home control systems. you can control your home power, monitor house temperature, receive intruder alarm, smart turn on your house light when door open or someone pass by.
Main unit SimPal-T40S and Slave Unit SimPal-T20 control your home power from your mobile phone, temperature sensor included for each unit, thermostat control function to keep your house thermostatic and help you energy saving.
Dangerous situations such as fire or water damage are detected in time by smoke detectors and flood detectors, alarm SMS sending to you and your family mobile phone. Connect up to 10pcs wireless sensor for each Main Unit.
Only need one SIM card to smart control your house. Good choice for your home power control, temperature monitor and intruder alarm. No WIFI or internet request of the system.

Main Features: 

Power Control
The system work with GSM SIM card, sending SMS in your mobile phone to turn ON/OFF the socket power anywhere. IOS and Android APP help to configure the socket in your Smartphone. Support Thermostat Control, Schedule Control, Delay control etc mode.
Thermostat control
Main Unit and Slave unit can work as standalone thermostat, keep your house thermostatic and help you energy saving.
Temperature monitor
Each unit come with temperature sensor, easy monitor temperature of environment.
Intruder monitor
Connecting 10pcs wireless sensor and working with wireless siren, once sensor trigger, auto trigger siren and sending SMS alarm.
Dangerous situation alert
Connecting with water leak sensor, smoke detector, sending SMS alarm once it detect water leak or smoke accident.
Smart Control power
Set to link sensor with power socket, once sensor trigger, auto turn ON the socket power. Main Unit and Slave Unit can be easily link with all kinds of wireless sensors.
Mains power monitor
SMS alert to your mobile phone whenever 220V power lost or socket output change manually.

Packing content:

SimPal-T40S Main Unit:  1 PCS
Temperature sensor: 1 PCS
WRC-047-F Remote control: 1 PCS
WDM-051-F Door magnetic: 1 PCS
WIR-053-F PIR detector: 1 PCS
WIS-055-F Strobe siren: 1 PCS


Main Unit size125×60×80mm
Power intputAC110~230V
Max power loading16A or 3600W
Temperature range-10°C ~ +50°C 
IndicatorNetwork and Power LED in blue color
Distance alarm detection Up to 6 meters 
Distrance of sensor30m-50m (in open area) 
Radio Frequency FSK 433.92MHz
Socket types                          Germany, France, Australia, American, British