GSM Alarm System

SimPal-G212 GSM Alarm System is simple DIY home alarm system. Work with GSM SIM card, connect up to 20pcs wireless sensor, once sensor trigger, main panel will make a loud alert sound and send SMS to users mobile phone. The device come with built-in microphone and speaker, user can easy press remote control SOS button to make calling and ask for emergency help.


It can work as elderly care alarm system, send SMS when PIR do not detect human motion more than 24 hours. SOS button for emergency help.

Compacted and fashion design, simple operation. Good choice for home intruder alarm and elderly care alarm.

Package Included:

1.    Alarm Panel:  1PCS
2.    Remote Control:  2PCS
3.    Door Sensor: 1 PCS
4.    PIR detector: 1 PCS
5.    AC adaptor: 1PCS


Main Features:

  • Work with wireless sensor: Connect up to 20pcs wireless sensors, such as door magnet, pir sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor etc. SimPal-G212 will send SMS alarm when connected sensors triggered.
  • Remotely configure User can send SMS or make calling to configure the alarm panel.
  • Two alarm mode: alarm panel will sound big alarm tone when work in alarm mode; it will sound “Dingdong” when set in home mode.
  • Elderly care: monitor room motion or door open status. Send SMS alarm when do not detect human motion.
  • Handsfree calling: simple press SOS button on remote control to calling preset phone number.
  • Big backup battery: 1200mAh lithium battery, it can make device working more than 6 hours even power cut off.
  • Digital wireless communication: CC1101 chipset on all sensors and main panel,  digital wireless signal transmit, long working distance and less interference.


Technical Parameters:

Alarm panel size:                                   138*70*25mm
Stand bracket size:                                   80*32*12mm
Time display size                                     23*70 mm
Product weight:                                    147g
Power adapter:         input 100V~240V/50Hz  output DC 5V
Power adaptor connector:                          Mini USB
Lithium ion battery                                       1200mAh
Standby time of the battery(Depending on network)       10 hours
Work frequency:            GSM850/EGSM900/GSM1800/PCS1900
SIM card type:                   Micro SIM 15*12mm (Middle size)
Receive code of Wireless sensor:                    FSK
Wireless sensor working frequency            433.92 MHZ
Max quantity of sensor                                   20 PCS
Effective range of sensor                          30-50 meters
Built-in Siren:                                               105 dB
Work temperature                                       -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature                                      -20℃~+60℃